July 1, 2020

5 minutes with: Food Blogger, Lucy Tomlinson

5 minutes with: Food Blogger, Lucy Tomlinson

Last week we teamed up with Food Blogger Lucy Tomlinson who made a selection of delicious dishes from our 100% handpicked Salcombe crab. Lucy's fantastic cuisine ideas have inspired many of her followers to cook a range of her exciting meals and treats during lockdown. She wowed us with some home made, mouth-watering Crab and Avocado Bruschetta Canapes, followed by some delicious, flavoursome Thai Crab Cakes - the perfect dinner party menu if you ask us! She kindly answered a range of questions based on her experience cooking with our exceptional Salcombe crab, along with sending us her recipes if you would like to make these at home. You can see more of Lucy's creations on her Instagram page or by visiting Lucy's website.  

Five Questions, Five Minutes with Lucy

  • What do you think makes our 100% Handpicked Salcombe crab so special?

I found you could really taste how fresh the crab was through its light texture and unique flavour. It was so delicious that even one of my guests who doesn't normally eat crab has been converted to a Salcombe crab lover!

  • What would be your favourite ingredients to use to create a delicious summer crab salad?

I find crab goes deliciously well with many fruits and vegetables, and so I would pair the crab with avocado, pomegranate seeds, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and mixed leaves (including a little rocket), topped with pumpkin seeds and dressed with a light mustard dressing. A tip of mine is to keep it simple so that the crab remains the star of the salad!

  • People often choose to cook with white crab, however what delicious dish do you suggest to make with our Brown crab meat?

Brown meat is so rich in flavour that it works perfectly as a Pâté served on plain or even flavoured oat cakes. I also love combining the brown with the white meat as they complement each other perfectly, such as in my delicious crab cakes.

  • What is your favourite accompaniment to pair with crab and why?

That's a tough one as there’s so many great accompaniments that work perfectly with crab, however I would have to choose avocado as it’s a healthy fat that’s so creamy and light, and paired with Salcombe Crab makes it even more delicious.

  • What would you make with a packet of our white crab to create an ideal summer picnic?

Everyone loves a summer picnic, especially when it includes your delicious Salcombe crab! For me a tasty crab baguette with mixed leaves, mayonnaise & cucumber would add to the perfect picnic.

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We've been busy cooking and hand-picking our delicious crab meat, brought to us by local fishing boats, which is available for local collection to enjoy at home. Take a look at our Recipes section for serving suggestions!

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