Visualisation of the refurbished Crab Shed Salcombe seafood restaurant

Visualisation of the refurbished Crab Shed

THe Crab Shed Salcombe for the finest fish and shellfish

You won't find fresher seafood anywhere else!

Crab Shed Salcombe - quayside seafood restaurant at the Fish Quay, Salcombe Harbour

Right on the water’s edge overlooking Salcombe harbour


Welcome to the Crab Shed Salcombe.

The Crab Shed Salcombe is a vibrant quayside seafood restaurant on the beautiful South Devon coast. Perched right on the water’s edge overlooking Salcombe harbour, we serve the finest fish and shellfish. Our speciality is our own 100% hand-picked local crab meat, landed by local day boats then cooked and hand-picked by us right here on the quay. You won't find fresher seafood anywhere else!


Crab Shed Salcombe for seafood dining with great views over Salcombe harbour

Our quayside location right beside the Fish Quay offers seafood dining with great views over Salcombe harbour. Dine in our light and stylish yet relaxed restaurant or al fresco on the terrace and watch the fishing boats return with the day's catch.

We serve the best local, seasonal fish and shellfish specialising in our own Salcombe crab, landed, cooked and hand-picked right here.

We open daily for coffee from 10:30am, lunch from 12 to 2:30pm and dinner from 6 to 9pm.


Our fresh crab, sustainably harvested from the Salcombe crab fishery by local day fishing boats, is landed on the quayside right by the Crab Shed.

We cook and then hand-pick the crab on site, to produce crab meat of the very best quality and freshness.

As well as supplying the Crab Shed Salcombe restaurant, we supply discerning customers - both trade and retail - across South Devon.


The Crab Shed is having a spruce up ahead of opening for the season...

Nick, Nikki and Chef Nick have been putting the finishing touches to the new season Crab Shed menu

The Crab Shed Salcombe hand picked local crab served on the quayside

Open 7 days.  Coffee from 10:30am. Lunch 12-2:30pm. Dinner 6-9pm.

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