Crab Shed Salcombe 100% hand-picked local crab meat, landed then cooked and hand-picked here on the quay


Welcome to the Crab Shed Salcombe.

The Crab Shed is a vibrant quayside seafood restaurant in the heart of Salcombe on the South Devon coast. Perched right on the water’s edge overlooking Salcombe harbour, we serve the finest fish and shellfish.

Our speciality is our own 100% hand-picked local crab meat, landed by local day boats then cooked and hand-picked right here on the quay. You won't find fresher seafood anywhere else!

Take a look at our menu below - and there's a special menu for children too.


The Crab Shed is having a spruce up ahead of opening for the season...

Nick, Nikki and Chef Nick have been putting the finishing touches to the new season Crab Shed menu

The Crab Shed Salcombe hand picked local crab served on the quayside