August 28, 2022

Behind the scenes: crab picking

Behind the scenes with our crab picking team

We are often asked about the crab we serve in the restaurant. Most Crab Shed diners are unaware of our small crab processing unit which is adjacent to our restaurant, on the Fish Quay in Salcombe. It's where we handle everything from the moment the crab is landed on the quay to being handed over to our Chef team in the Crab Shed Restaurant.

How local is our crab?

Our crab could not get much more local! Brown Crab (Cancer Pagarus) from local Salcombe waters is delivered to us by local Salcombe fishermen, who fish local crab sustainably.

How many crab do we get through most days?

At the height of the season, our daily catch is approx. 200kg per day of crab (that makes a lot of crab sandwiches !)  In the processing unit, we prepare about 30/40 whole crab for the restaurant each day and the remainder of the crab is 100% handpicked  by our team.

The white and brown crab meat is then used in the restaurant in dishes like our  ‘famous’ crab  sandwich, the unbeatable Crab Linguine, Crab Bisque and anything else Crabby you see on our menu.

Can I buy your crab to take home?

Of course! We make up packs of hand picked white crab meat and brown crab meat which is then available to purchase from the restaurant so you can enjoy crab@home. Find out more here>

Take a look at our Recipe page for some crab recipe ideas and serving suggestions.

How many people work in the processing unit?

We have 3 permanent full time crab pickers who work tirelessly to ensure the crab you eat in our restaurant is the freshest and most perfect it can be  – let’s face it, it is 100% hand picked and has not got far to go from our factory to your plate!

During lock down, our unit was fully refurbished with the latest equipment including new blast chillers. Recently, we have installed Rational Steam Convector ovens .  For 2 years running, our Crab Shed Factory has received the SALSA Certification (Safe and Local Supplier Approval)  - which provides small producers like us - and their buyers - with the confidence and assurance that they have passed their annual audit and that all appropriate food safety, legality and quality systems are in place. Read more about SALSA here>

So next time you dine with us, do ask our waiting staff any questions about the crab we process in our factory over the way and if you need any advice in picking your whole cracked crab– it is not as tricky as it seems!


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We've been busy cooking and hand-picking our delicious crab meat, brought to us by local fishing boats, which is available for local collection to enjoy at home. Take a look at our Recipes section for serving suggestions!

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