June 5, 2020

Crab Shed Crab - from Salcombe with love

Crab Shed Crab - from Salcombe with love

Crab Shed Crab

We take delivery of Salcombe crabs from the fishermen here on the Quay. Once they are cooked, we meticulously pick the delicate crab meat by hand taking the delicate white meat from the claws and legs and the rich brown meat from the body. As our crab is 100% hand picked - we don't use any machinery - you can be sure of a premium flaky texture. We then pack and fast freeze the crab meat to lock in the delicious flavour and keep the meat in optimum condition, ready to send out to our customers to enjoy at home. White and brown crab meat is so versatile - take a look at our Blogs for recipe ideas and serving suggestions.  Enjoy!  

Delivering to you

When we send out your order, the crab meat is taken from our commercial freezers and placed in premium, ethically sourced packaging - double-walled corrugated cardboard cartons with an insulated inner and gel packs. Our packaging is designed to protect your order on the journey from the Crab Shed to your home to ensure the crab meat reaches you in perfect condition. Upon arrival, simply place your crab meat in the fridge to defrost fully and consume within 2/3 days of being defrosted. Once a crab pack is opened, keep refrigerated and eat within 24 hours.

Recycle or re-use

Given the natural, sustainable provenance of Salcombe crab, we really wanted to do what we could (as a very small producer) with our choice of packaging. We decided not to use conventional polystyrene boxes, opting instead for a fully recyclable double walled corrugated cardboard carton with a reflective, insulated insert and gel packs. When you receive your order, you can either recycle the packaging or re-use parts of it. The water resistant insulated inner can be wiped clean and re-used at home. The gel packs can also be re-frozen and are perfect for supermarket trips or to take on picnics.

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We are delighted to say that, in accordance with Government guidelines, our restaurant is open for business.

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Please note that, in accordance with Government guidelines, we are not accepting bookings for groups of more than 6 people

Since announcing our restaurant re-opening, we have received a very high level of enquiries. Thank you so much for your support - it is very much appreciated! However, it is taking us some time to work through all the enquiries, so please bear with us - we're responding just as quickly as we can.

Safety First
The safety and health of our staff and guests are uppermost in our minds; please be assured that we are adhering to government standards for hygiene protocols and social distancing measures. In the event of any changes in public health guidance, we'll post information here and on our Facebook and Instagram pages - please check back for announcements.

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