February 10, 2020

New Season, new menus

New Season, new menus

Nick, Nikki and Chef Nick have been putting the finishing touches to the new season Crab Shed menu - full of all your Crab Shed favourites and introducing some delicious new dishes.

As you would expect, the Crab Shed menu makes full use of delicious Salcombe crab - 100% hand-picked by our own team. Crab favourites include Crab Shed Bisque, Bruschetta, lunchtime winner Salcombe Crab Sandwich, Dressed Crab, whole Cracked Crab, Fruits de Mer for 2 to share and, Crab Linguine and last but by no means least Crab Shed Bouillabaisse.

Look out for the 'little blue crab' on the menu that indicates where our own Salcombe crabmeat is used.

Crab Shed Chef, Nick, has also been working up some delicious new dishes - look out for Crispy Salt & Pepper Squid and prime local Rib Eye Steak. Plus, new for 2020, we have a special menu for children and a fantastic range of desserts.

Take a look at the full menu>

The Crab Shed Salcombe restaurant - waterside seafood dining overlooking the harbour