February 7, 2020

Keep it local - 100% organic, Fairtrade Coffee

Keep it local - 100% organic, Fairtrade Coffee

That's another two things ticked off the Crab Shed list!

Find local coffee supplier - Tick!

Organise barista training for the team - Tick!

We're delighted to be bringing you delicious coffee from Owens Coffee here in Devon. It's 100% Organic and Fairtrade, sustainbably sourced, clean roasted and blended with love at their roastery in Ivybridge! @OwensCoffee

We will be open for coffees from 10.30am each day, lunch and dinner.


We are delighted to say that, in accordance with Government guidelines, our restaurant is now open once more.

To enquire about a table booking, please complete our online table booking enquiry form here>

limited September lunchtime availability only

Please note that in accordance with Government guidelines, from Monday September 14th we are not accepting bookings for groups of more than 6 people

Since announcing our restaurant re-opening, we have received a very high level of enquiries. Thank you so much for your support - it is very much appreciated! However, it is taking us some time to work through all the enquiries, so please bear with us - we're responding just as quickly as we can.

Safety First
The safety and health of our staff and guests are uppermost in our minds; please be assured that we are adhering to government standards for hygiene protocols and social distancing measures. In the event of any changes in public health guidance, we'll post information here and on our Facebook and Instagram pages - please check back for announcements.

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