covid-19 closure

With a heavy heart, we've shut the doors of our lovely and newly refurbished restaurant for the time being.

We'll continue to monitor the situation closely and hope to re-open just as soon as it is safe to do so for our customers and staff  - check back here and on Facebook for updated information.

In the meantime, thanks to all our customers for your support - take care of yourselves and your families and we look forward to brighter times in the future.

May 14, 2020

Recipe: Crab Fries

Recipe: Crab Fries

Crab Shed's Crab Fries is the favourite side dish at the restaurant. A key ingredient in the dish is Chef's own crab bisque which takes a bit of time to prepare. We therefore asked Head Chef Nick Muddeman to give us a simpler recipe without the bisque to make it quick and easy to make at home - but still super tasty. A side of chips/fries will never be the same again!

For the sauce:

  • 30g garlic butter
  • Splash of white wine
  • Lemon juice  
  • Sundried tomatoes  
  • 20g Crab Shed brown crab meat


  1. Cook all above for 2/3 minutes  
  2. Then add 10g Crab Shed white crab meat and a bunch of fresh parsley.
  3. Season to taste and if the sauce is too thin cook further to reduce.  
  4. Pour over a portion of crispy fries or chips.

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