May 15, 2020

Let's talk brown crab meat

Let's talk brown crab meat

Crab fans know just how tasty crab meat is and how healthy it is too as its high in protein and low in fat. Crab Shed crab is brought to us by Salcombe's local day fishing boats who fish using the low impact pots method of crabbing in the clear blue waters of South Devon's coast. The crabs are from sustainable stocks and are landed on the quayside right by the Crab Shed.

We then cook and 100% hand-pick the crab in our quayside premises. The provenance of our Salcombe crabs and our commitment to meticulously pick the meat by hand without any machinery is reflected in the crab meats fantastic colour and beautiful firm yet flaky texture. We then hand pack the crab meat and either refrigerate or freeze the packs to lock in the delicious, fresh flavour of the sweet white crab meat and flavoursome brown meat. You can now buy our crab meat online here>

Our white crab meat is very luxurious and delicate - it speaks for itself in simply prepared dishes.  We're often asked about how best to use the rich-tasting brown crab meat. Head Chef Nick has a few top tips on making the most of brown crab meat.

Mix it up!

White crab meat is beautifully flaky and delicate but when mixed with our brown meat a whole new level of taste is reached. Mixing the brown meat with the white gives it more substance, a whole lot of deep layered flavour that can change the whole dish for the better.

How to mix the crab meats together

  • Start by breaking up all the brown crab meat in a bowl until it’s all the same size.
  • Take time to gently fold the white meat into the brown making sure to keep some of the chunky meat whole and not over mix.

Crab Bruschetta

Crab bruschetta is an easy-to-make, tasty starter or snack - the white & brown crab meat works really well on toasted sourdough. Take a look at our recipe here>

Crab Sandwich

For our Crab Shed crab sandwich we use equal amounts of white and brown meat, this is because the brown adds so much flavour. Use a fresh granary bloomer and replace spreading with butter for a lemon mayo and finish with a good seasoning of salt and pepper.  All this adds to a whole new level of crab sandwich - enjoy!

Crab Bisque

When making a crab bisque, one of the best things you can do to add that real depth of flavour is blitzing some brown crab meat right at the end of cooking. This helps just lift your bisque and give it that intense crab flavour you're seeking.  

Fish Sauce

Adding full-flavoured brown crab meat to a fish dish is delicious. For example - butter, lemon juice, herbs and blitzed brown crab meat at the end of cooking your fish makes for a more elegant fish dish (plaice is a good everyday fish while brill is a little bit more special)

Cold Starter

Adding brown crab meat and lemon juice to mayonnaise is great for cold starters.

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